The Peterborough Does Business team was proud to be a part of Ignite Peterborough’s Business Development Day, an all-day event with the main focus being on supporting start-up businesses in Peterborough and the surrounding areas.


Taking place on Monday 30th November in the Peterborough Town Hall, we were one of many enterprise-supporting services available to attendees, with our panel hosting Ask the Expert drop-in sessions. In our role as an organisation for business growth, we were on hand to answer a whole host of questions put to us by both start-ups at the incubation stage, as well as some more established local businesses. Here’s an insight into what else took place across the event.



Business Development Day: In a Nutshell


With plenty ahead for the event, Ignite first welcomed the Mayor of Peterborough, his opening speech setting the tone for Business Development Day. We heard about how important it is for businesses to continue to grow and collaborate at a local level. Of course, that really resonated with us at PDB and other local organisations who champion the same positive co-operation.


Next up was an introductory talk from local serial entrepreneur Neville Wright, best known as the founder of Kiddicare. In his opening, the audience gained a real understanding of the personal and professional reasons that he chose to cut his teeth in the world of business. The take-away from this session was that it is critical to think positively and overcome adversity to successfully meet challenges you will face in business.


Next, our very own Gary Johannes of Inspired to Change was running an insightful seminar on training the mind to be better geared for business. Participants in the session got a feel for how decision making in business can be shaped by our subconscious mind and the positivity of our mindset. Critically, Gary showed us how developing a more positive mindset will better prepare you to achieve your targets in business. We were to also get a look into the methods that can be implemented to begin doing this.


Moving on, Penny Lord of Enterprise Europe Network gave a detailed discussion on a tool known as the Orbit Grid Framework. Penny explained how it serves as  a really useful summary of your business and your plans for progression. Essentially, each year of your business plan fits within a circle, segmented into specific business aspects such as marketing and finance, for example. Each circle around the orbit represents the next year of your business, with processes and goals linking each year of your business to the next.


In Managing your Mindset,  Kelly Fryer of Chrysalis Consulting

discussed the importance of being clear, direct and concise when pitching for investment. The guidance was provided in preparation for a well attended pitch for funding event which followed. A member of the audience was also given the opportunity to run through a pitch for their business with analysis at each stage.


Shaz Nawaz of AA Accountants  was next to host a talk surrounding Price Point and Business Growth. Here, the audience learned of new ways to shift their pricing model. He showed that instead of pricing a product or service cheaply against competition in a race to the bottom, a better price can be reached based on the real value a customer places on the product or service.  He showed that through improved research and testing, businesses can increase their revenue whilst being more time-efficient.


James Krappe of Really Social Media was also on hand to delivered an expert workshop on the role of targeted Facebook advertising for your business. Whilst not discrediting the power of print media, he explained how online marketing has a potentially huge outreach to prospective clients for your business, showing why a digital presence can be paramount for many SMEs.  Using real examples of clients he has worked with, James showed us the true power of cost-effective, localised advertising and the reach it can have to an engaged audience.


As well as the seminars on the day, the New Business Network hosted a networking session for the day’s attendees to connect, both to one another and the enterprise support services around the room.


The Final Say
We’re grateful to have been part of an exciting event which brought start-up and small to medium sized local businesses together. As a business growth platform, Peterborough Does Business recognises the real value of collaborative events that promote knowledge sharing and forging new business relationships. Thanks to all that came to see us at Business Development Day – be sure to catch us at the next one!


Luke Tyler – Ignite Peterborough

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