Why do I and should I give up my evening each month to attend this event?

In a nutshell Peterborough Does Business is the largest FREE networking event in the whole of Cambridgeshire. It’s also the friendliest and the best place to test the water if this is something you don’t normally do, most successful businesses believe that networking is a vital part of growing the business.

Business Opportunities – This is my main reason for attending and this works both ways. I’m looking for people to refer to as well as people to refer me. Although this doesn’t  just happen by attending one meeting, you have to keep going back so that people can get to know you and your business and what you are about in order that they can refer you and vice versa. Referrals don’t happen immediately, it takes time to establish that relationship and trust that will let people share their best contacts.

Regroup and refocus – Once a month this event gives me time to sit down and listen to other people that have similar issues. We spend so much time in our own silos of work and life that sometimes that little bit of space with other businesses gives us chance to realise that other people are having the same experiences that we are and can help you to just gather and organise your thoughts to give you a plan for the coming weeks. Personally I find this invaluable to enable me to move forward in the right direction!

Support – This event is where I have met some of the most supportive people I know. It can be quite a lonely world running your own business or like me covering an area by yourself, and the one thing that you really need to make sure you have is a support network. Here you will find like-minded people facing the same issues and having the same problems and some of them will have found a way around them, and if they haven’t they probably know somebody that has.  The people I have met have provided me with advice, guidance, referrals, support, a spot of lunch occasionally and even an ear to have a whinge at when needed. Basically all of the things you have the luxury of when working with a team of people in an office, but all of them hard to come by when you are the boss and the business is your own.

Of course there are the additional benefits of attending this event like hearing the inspirational speakers who teach you new skills as well as finding out what is going on in the community (which are often best kept secrets that I know I have signposted some of my clients in the direction of).

If we all use this group to network effectively and collaborate together (as is in our best interest to do so) we can all help to build bigger better more successful businesses in Peterborough and its surrounding areas.

Lorna Holland

Fredericks Foundation

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