Did you know that there are over 800 notable and active social media platforms on the web at the moment. This is on top of the thousands if not tens of thousands of small or now defunct sites that vie for our attention each day.


If you work in digital marketing like we do, you are always being told that a social media platform you have barely heard of is going to be “the next Facebook”.

If we spent time looking at every new platform we were told about we might explode, so we have to pick and choose those that we investigate or that are showing signs that they are reaching critical mass within the target markets of our clients.


One social publishing app that has launched recently is Periscope, an evolution of the Vine app, with its own network and follower system. The app is an evolution of Twitter that allows users to post live video content to the web. After hearing about it we thought we would give it a go the next time we were organising a big event.


Therefore we decided to test it out during the July edition of Peterborough Does Business. We downloaded the app as it is only available on Android or IOS (Apple) and started broadcasting.

The response was surprising, despite having 0 followers on the platform we had more than 30 live viewers during the City Lan talk and 55 live viewers of the Constant Contact talk.


This is despite my shaky iPhone camera work. You can see my efforts (if the links work for you) here for City Lan and here for Constant Contact.


DowSocial Review


Overall the app was easy to download and start using, the fact that it connects to your twitter account is perfect and allowed us to reach a larger audience. The idea of live streamed video via an app is a clever one and I can see why it was popular.


Although the app is not time restricted like Vine that has a 9 second limit, this is the kind of video that is best in short bursts to showcase interviews at events, atmosphere from events or even as a micro vlog.

We will certainly be building on our knowledge so we can advise our clients accordingly, one to follow.

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