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Julie Holmewood
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With over ten years of LinkedIn miles under her belt, self-described LinkedIn LOVER, Julie learnt about LinkedIn, at the headhunter coal face, using it daily to find candidates for her clients. Unexpectedly – for her at least – she also started to be found by clients and opportunities. This was pre-Facebook and social selling. Believe me. It was a total surprise! Transitioning out of a 12 year recruitment career in 2009, Julie became a Career Coach. Using a simple, free, tweak to her profile, her main source of new clients continued to be LinkedIn. But clients have had other plans for her and over the last five years she has been asked time and again to step up to the LinkedIn plate and train what she knows and her very simple and easy to apply LinkedIn strategy to others. Julie now offers LinkedIn training and profile makeovers to corporate clients, senior career execs and passionate entrepreneurs who know there is a better way to spend the online section of their day, than liking cat pictures on Facebook. Of course, the LinkedIn stats speak for themselves. 277% more effective for lead generation than Facebook or Twitter. What’s not to love?


Key note speaker on the 6th August 2014

Topic: 5 Essential Things Most People Don’t Do on LinkedIn, That Will Change Your Business

Julie Holmwood will be giving us some pure gold on how to make sure your Linkedin profile is compelling and engaging and most importantly effective for your business.

This is a not to be missed key note talk!

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