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Business Development Coach, Mentor & Trainer.

We are a Business Management and Training Consultancy. We are passionate about helping businesses to grow. Get the most out of your staff and start working towards a stronger future today.

We’ll work with you to grow your business by:

Designing Successful Business strategies
Implementing the agreed strategies
Developing your staff
Personal Profiling
Development Training
Improving your performance
Pleasing your customers
Protecting your cash flow and company data

Our consultancy & training comes with a money-back promise if you’re in any way unhappy with our service*. We’ll always do our best to help.

I believe that to consistently develop and grow a business, customers must be the focus of everything it does, with planned, positive action taken to continuously improve its people, processes & profits.

I specialise in business development, helping businesses and organisations of all sizes to grow and fulfil their goals & vision by developing, implementing & aligning growth plans at Board level and throughout the organisation which, through improved customer experience and the continuous improvement of the capabilities of its people & processes, will develop an ethos of high growth leading to high staff morale and increased sales & profitability.

My coaching & training specialties include improving business competencies, sales, communication, strategic sales & marketing planning, customer experience (CX) management (CEM) and data security & compliance, working for clients, from all sectors, who want to be the best in their chosen sector.

“By developing these competencies clients gain new customers, boost business with existing accounts, increase service levels from suppliers and strengthen internal team cohesion and motivation”

If you want to develop & grow your business contact me for a no cost, no obligation meeting and let’s see where it leads.
Inspired To Change Hypnotherapy
+ Do you feel stressed and anxious? + Are you hindered by your negative thinking? + Do parts of your life feel like a struggle? + Is your self-doubt stopping you? + Does your lack of confidence get in your way? Book a FREE Initial consultation today Call / text Gary on 07780 592625

Do you want to take back control of your life?
Welcome to Inspired To Change Hypnotherapy.

Do you feel stressed and anxious?
Are you hindered by your negative thinking?
Do parts of your life feel like a struggle?
Is your self-doubt stopping you?
Does your lack of confidence get in your way?
You are not alone.

Inspired to Change Hypnotherapy specialise in working with people, just like you, who are suffering from stress and anxiety, who have lost their confidence, who don’t feel they are coping well and who feel stuck. We use modern, clinically proven techniques to work with you and help you get your life back on track – feeling happy, confident and looking forward to a positive future.

What sets us apart from other health care professionals is Ascend©; this solution focused hypnotherapy path creates rapid and long lasting results which, our clients tell us, makes getting back on track enjoyable and liberating.

What is Ascend© and how will it benefit me?

Ascend© is the 5 stage path to being in control of your life

Understanding why you’re feeling this way and the way forward

Changing your mind-set and designing the path for change

Resolving and letting go of any issues that may be holding you back

Creating your future, exactly as you want it

Practice, perfect and maintain – Creating skills for life

Would you like to find out more? To book a free initial consultation contact your local Inspired To Change Hypnotherapist.

We have worked with hundreds of clients who feel just like you do now – experiencing daily struggles and finding life difficult to cope with. This is how our clients used to feel before working with us.
CPHT Peterborough  Hypnotherapy Training
01733 459 986
CGS Solutions Limited
CGS Solutions Limited
IT consultancy for businesses that need independent or bespoke outsourced IT solutions.

Independent or outsourced IT solutions that carefully consider your operational cost, culture and working style are more likely to result in higher levels of efficiency, costs savings, a better quality of service and improved service delivery. This is leading IT network and architectural design for local, regional and national companies that demand complex and bespoke IT systems.
01733 669425
Inspired Martial Arts
Inspired Martial Arts
We teach Sport Karate and we are open to all students between the ages of 5-16 years, who can be of all abilities and standards. We teach our students the principles of self-defence, but not to use the new skills in any way that could cause harm to others.

The sessions are fun but disciplined, where our students learn new skills, gain confidence and pride as they work their way to becoming a black bet. We do this through fun games and great activities that all children, whatever their age, will enjoy.

To give every child the chance to try out martial arts we offer a 4 week trial which they receive a free t-shirt so they can feel part of the club. During this first 4 weeks your child can attend any of the classes throughout the week and during these classes will get a feel of the club and how the lessons are structured and they will learn the basics of Sport Karate. All the students welcome new members and are even keen to show them the ropes.
After the 4 week trial they are invited to join the club where they can attend 2 classes per week and start working towards their first belt. We also have sparring classes which they can learn how to compete in competitions and earn trophy’s and medals.
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