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Inspired Martial Arts
Inspired Martial Arts
We teach Sport Karate and we are open to all students between the ages of 5-16 years, who can be of all abilities and standards. We teach our students the principles of self-defence, but not to use the new skills in any way that could cause harm to others.

The sessions are fun but disciplined, where our students learn new skills, gain confidence and pride as they work their way to becoming a black bet. We do this through fun games and great activities that all children, whatever their age, will enjoy.

To give every child the chance to try out martial arts we offer a 4 week trial which they receive a free t-shirt so they can feel part of the club. During this first 4 weeks your child can attend any of the classes throughout the week and during these classes will get a feel of the club and how the lessons are structured and they will learn the basics of Sport Karate. All the students welcome new members and are even keen to show them the ropes.
After the 4 week trial they are invited to join the club where they can attend 2 classes per week and start working towards their first belt. We also have sparring classes which they can learn how to compete in competitions and earn trophy’s and medals.
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