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enACT is a business and personal development platform that brings together the principles of peer to peer coaching and the power of collaborative problem solving, backed up with systemised training and a robust accountability process to deliver outstanding results.

Everything you need to know to build a business is readily available in the public domain…
But where do you go to to put what you’ve learnt into practice?!
There’s also no shortage of seminars, workshops and other training events to attend where you can learn business basics, the latest marketing strategy, or even the one single thing that will rocket your success overnight(!)

As inspiring as these events are, the reality is that often you leave feeling overwealmed, even more aware of the gaps in your knowledge and with a ‘to do’ list as long as your arm!
You need to apply it!
What’s missing is an environment where you can actually apply this stuff and make incremental, consistent and tangible moves forward in your business.

That’s why enACT was created, to enable small business owners like you to take the learning and to ‘put it into practice’, both in your own business and through supporting other business owners.

enACT provides a highly supportive and collaborative, but results driven business growth environment where members receive regular and consistent Accountability, facilitated opportunities for Collaboration and relevant and easily applicable bite-sized Training to enable them to grow their business.


The core offering of enACT is the Accountability Groups.  These provide the environment for entrepreneurs to focus ‘on’ their business and to incrementally and consistently grow their business through problem solving, goal setting, planning and accountability.

They bring together the principles of peer-to-peer coaching and the power of collaborative problem solving to enable entrepreneurs to develop confidence and competence whilst also contributing to the personal and business growth of other members.


In addition to the collaborative problem solving that occurs in your Accountability Group, you are encouraged to interact in the group’s private online meeting place, and with the wider community online.  We also run quarterly collaboration clubs where collaboration is encouraged and collaboration opportunities are facilitated.


Relevant and easy to apply bite sized training is provided monthly online in key business areas like Sales and Marketing, Operations, People and Finance.

The starting program is the Twelve Steps to Traction, online personal and business growth programme, valued at £49 per month, which is included in the enACT monthly membership fee.


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